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Adams, John Kalauwae

Birth: January 1923, Hawaii, USA
Death: December 7, 1941, Hawaii, USA
Home State: Hawaii

John Kalauwae Adams is one of the civilians who was killed during the attack on Pearl Harbor. He and his family had attended Catholic Mass at St. Ann Church in Kaneohe on the morning of December 7, 1941. After church on their way home they saw the Japanese bombing the Kaneohe Bay Naval Air Station. They first thought the Navy is doing a drill and didn't pay much attention to what was going on. Later that day they heard an announcement on the radio that Pearl Harbor had been attacked and that all employees of the Pearl Harbor Shipyard have to report to work. John Kalauwae Adams, as well as his father, Joseph Kanehoa Adams, his uncle's nephew, David Kahookele, and his uncle, Jospeh McCabe, Sr., were employed at the shipyard. They drove to the shipyard via the Pali Highway. On Judd Street their car was hit by an anti-aircraft shell and all four of them were killed. They were buried in Greenhaven Memorial Park in Kaneohe.
Pearl Harbor Hero

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