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Attractions at Pearl Harbor: The Pacific Aviation Museum

The Pacific Aviation Museum located at Pearl Harbor on Ford Island was opened on the 65th anniversary of the Japanese attack on The United States in Hawaii, Dec 7th, 1941. The museum has galleries and exhibits set up to tell the story of military aviation in the Pacific Region during World War II. Pearl Harbor at the time was the United States premier naval defense site in the pacific and the planes that were housed here were top of the line. The museum has acquired a large and authentic collection of historical aircraft that were flown or destroyed at the time of Pearl Harbor in WW II.

Visitors to Pearl Harbor and to the Pacific Aviation Museum will learn about the heroic details and sacrifices made by the men and women of the military and even of civilians. The museum exhibits not only focus on the planes that flew during raids but mainly tells the stories of eyewitnesses and participants in the war. This way you get a sense of what real people were going through and thinking during the bombing and the aftermath that followed. When you first go through the museum you can watch a documentary about the bombing of pearl harbor then walk around and read the stories associated with the war. In Hanger 37 you will get to see an Army Air Corps B-25 bomber, a Japanese Zero fighter plane, a 1942 Stearman Biplane N2S-3 and more. You can read more about the Pacific Aviation Museum on their website here.

Hawaii Pearl Harbor Tours include admission into the Pacific Aviation Museum as well as tickets to the Arizona Memorial. The tour guide transports you from your hotel in Waikiki to and from Pearl Harbor. The tour also features a ride through the historical district of Honolulu as well as a jaunt up to Punchbowl Cemetery.

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